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There’s no doubt about the convenience of having a washing machine inside your home. Your washer is often something you take for granted until it breaks down and you’re forced to visit a local laundromat. While you could handwash your clothes, it would require additional time and effort that most harried homeowners simply don’t have in abundance, especially if you have children. When you need a washing machine repair in the Calgary, AB area, the Appliance Doctor is standing by to assist. You’ll find our appliance repairs to be priced affordably with flat rates, even on the weekends. Since 1988, our family-owned and -operated business has provided exemplary service that exceeds all customer expectations. We make it convenient to schedule service and even track the status of your repair requests online. If there’s ever an issue with your washing machine, be sure to contact us for an honest repair estimate!

Experienced with All Makes and Models of Clothes Washers

You have many options when choosing a new clothes washer. Today’s washers can be automatic, semi-automatic, top-loading, or front-loading. Although top-load washers have been more common historically speaking, front-load washers are making notable popularity gains. While top-load washers are usually less expensive, front-load washers can be stacked vertically to free up additional space in your laundry room. Because front-load washers lack the central agitator found in top-load washers, they’re less likely to catch stray threads and damage your clothes. They also tend to run fewer noisy cycles for improved energy-efficiency with up to a third less water and laundry detergent required. Whatever type of washing machine you have in your home or a commercial operation, Appliance Doctor’s factory-trained technicians are familiar with all makes and models. We service most of the industry’s leading brands, including General Electric, Kenmore, Maytag, Samsung, and Whirlpool.

Most Common Washer Repair Issues We Fix at Appliance Doctor

Your clothes washer is a complex machine with many components that can break down with daily wear-and-tear. Here are the most common washing machine repair issues we see at Appliance Doctor:

  • Washer Won’t Turn On – A washing machine that won’t turn on could have a problem with its motor, lid switch, or timer knob. You could also have a tripped circuit breaker on your hands. We’d be happy to troubleshoot your issue when you call our appliance repair professionals!
  • Washer Isn’t Draining – If you’ve noticed drainage issues, you could have clogged drain hoses or a malfunctioning drain pump. It could also be time for a drain pump replacement. A word of caution: using too much detergent could keep your washing machine from draining effectively.
  • Agitator Isn’t Spinning – If your washer has a central agitator that is no longer spinning, you could be overloading the machine. It’s also possible you could have a faulty lid switch, broken belts, or a motor that’s gone kaput. Be sure to check your drain pump for any signs of obstruction, as this could also cause this problem.
  • Washer Isn’t Cycling – Does your washer run long after its cycle completed? You could have something as simple as a defective timer that needs to be replaced.
  • Washer Is Leaking – A leaking washer could end up costing you more in monthly utility bills or water damages inside your home. Leading causes for leaks include cracked or clogged drain hoses, corroded water-inlet valves, dirty door seals, and fill hoses that aren’t secure. Using too much laundry detergent or water softener to compensate for hard water could also cause leaks.
  • Washer Is Making Noises – Your washer shouldn’t move around and make a lot of noise. If you’ve noticed it shaking, it’s probably because it isn’t level or you’re trying to overload it. Gurgling noises usually mean clogged drain lines or hoses, while clicking noises typically mean you have something lodged in the drain. A humming noise may indicate a clogged drain pump.
  • Washer Has a Foul Smell – It’s your washing machine’s job to clean your clothes. If it has a musty or mildew smell coming from it, it’s not sanitary. You could have mold or bacteria growth inside. Eventually, the foul smell could spread elsewhere in your laundry room and home, affecting your family’s health. If you have mold growth, you likely have a moisture problem or leak somewhere that should be addressed immediately.

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