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Have you ever stopped to marvel at how different life would be without the invention of modern washing machines and clothes dryers? Our Canadian ancestors had to hang clothes out to dry along clotheslines during the day when the sun was shining and nary a raincloud was in sight. A dryer reduces the amount of time and energy needed to dry your clothes any time, day or night, and in any weather. Is there anything better than spending a lazy, rainy day listening to the hum of your laundry machines while you enjoy a good book, a catnap, or watch your favorite TV program? We often take clothes dryers for granted until they break down. When you need a dryer repair in Calgary, AB or surrounding areas in the Comox Valley or Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Appliance Doctor is there for you. We provide appliance installation and repair services at flat rates, even on the weekends, and make it easy to keep track of your service request online for your peace of mind. Contact us today for more details!

Our Appliance Repair Professionals Service Leading Brands

Today’s clothes dryers come in many varieties to address different household needs and power options, as they can now be electric or gas. While a gas dryer may cost more initially, it’s usually more energy-efficient in the long term. Dryers also come with many features, ranging from varying cycles and temperatures for different types of clothing to safety locks, no-wrinkle and extended tumbling options, auto-sensing capabilities, and even electronic displays alerting you when the lint filter needs to be emptied. Modern dryers can be stand-alone or stackable with front-loading capabilities. Some even come with technology that connects to your smart devices. No matter what type of dryer you decide to invest in, our appliance repair professionals are familiar with all makes and models from many leading brands, including Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, Maytag, and Kenmore. You deserve to have your washer repaired promptly for minimal disruption. That’s why we’re available at flexible times for service.

Common Dryer Repair Issues We Address in Calgary, AB

Is there anything worse than tossing a load of wet clothes into your dryer only to discover that it has stopped working? Before you blow a fuse, talk to our appliance repair professionals in the Calgary area. Here are some of the most common dryer repair issues we fix:

  • No Heat from Your Dryer – Your dryer requires heat to dry your clothes, so when there isn’t any, it’s not able to do its job. No heat could be indicative of a faulty fuse, thermostat, timer, or temperature switch. There could also be something wrong with your unit’s heating coils.
  • Excessive Heat from Dryer – Too much heat coming from your dryer is also not good. You could have clogged vents or faulty heating coils to blame. This type of repair should be addressed immediately, as it presents a fire hazard if your unit overheats.
  • Dryer Isn’t Spinning – A dryer that isn’t spinning could have broken belts or a motor in need of repair or replacement. This is something that usually takes an experienced professional to diagnose and troubleshoot, as your dryer has many components that can break down over time.
  • Dryer Won’t Turn On – If your dryer doesn’t turn on, have you checked your power source? You could have a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuses. It could also be due to a bad timer or thermostat or an issue with your unit’s start switch.

If You Need Appliance Installation or Repair, Call Us

Whether you need new appliance installation or repair in the Calgary area, you can count on our certified, factory-trained technicians. We also have an appliance parts shop if you prefer to handle replacing parts yourself. However, due to the electrical or gas wiring involved, dryer repairs are best left in the hands of qualified appliance repair professionals. It’s also in your best interest to get repairs addressed sooner rather than later, as waiting could cause further damages or jeopardize your safety. Give us a call today to request service and enjoy the peace of mind it brings!

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