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Professional Washer and Dryer Repair or Replacement at Appliance Doctor

If there’s one thing that seems to be universal, there’s always someone who likes to talk about “the good old days” like they were better. The truth is, we’ve all done a lot of work to get away from that. That so many of us have a washer and dryer these days is a clear clue not everything back then was great.

That’s why getting them repaired when they’re broken often feels so important. We need clean clothes to feel clean ourselves and be ready to face the day. Broken washers and dryers tend to have a notable impact on our lives thanks to this.

Knowing how to thoroughly and properly hand wash clothing is an increasingly obscure skill. Yes, there are those special outfits we all have, but a handful of outfits don’t really compare to a full load of clothes. The flip side of this is you can dry clothes outside, but a cold snap can make that a difficult proposition, too.

That’s why you want to be trained, competent professionals like those of us at Appliance Doctor to keep your washer and dryer working in Calgary and beyond. We’re happy to help you to avoid inconvenience in your life and prevent laundry from taking up more of your day than necessary.

Washer and dryer Calgary experts

Experience is key when it comes to appliance repair. The work we’ve put in over our 25+ years of operation means our technicians are trained and prepared to deal with most options out there. Our certifications also mean we have a working knowledge of major brands including:

We’ve worked on more brands than just those, too. The odds are we’ve probably encountered whatever appliance is letting you down before. This kind of experience and quality work is what we’re known for in the Calgary area.

Yes, the breakdown of your washer or dryer can be stressful and throw off the rhythm of your life. You don’t have to let it stay that way, though. We’re more than capable of helping get your appliances back in working order.

Why early repairs are important

We need to stress that you generally want to have a broken appliance looked into quickly. If your washing machine breaks, there may be more going on than just an internal problem. Shaking might have to cause a pipe to leak or a loose wire could be occasionally sparking while crippling the appliance.

That hypothetical wire is a big problem, given that most of us have our washer and dryer nearby one another. Lint trapped in the dryer can end up in the air easily and one errant spark can create an unsafe environment. This chance gets even higher if the dryer is the appliance having issues.

Don’t wait when you notice a problem. Acting quickly will help protect the investment you made in your appliances—and sometimes even the investment you’ve made in your home.

Give us a call today and enjoy peace of mind.

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