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Wine coolers have become highly desirable among Canadians who enjoy storing wine in the comfort of their own home. Long gone are the days of drafty, inconvenient wine cellars. A wine cooler will keep your bottles of wine and other beverages chilled at the correct temperature without being cumbersome on your space or budget. With an appearance similar to a mini-fridge, wine coolers offer horizontal beverage storage with built-in wood or wire racks to hold the bottles securely in place. Wine coolers may be freestanding or built into your counter space, and they usually have transparent doors so you can keep a close eye on their contents. If you’re experiencing a problem with your unit requiring a prompt wine cooler repair, Appliance Doctor’s appliance repair professionals in Calgary specialize in repair for all makes and models. With flexible online booking and flat-rate pricing available, Appliance Doctor makes it easy to schedule small appliance repair or installation in your home or office!

How to Tell If You Need a Wine Cooler Repair from Our Team

While we respect the do-it-yourself attitude of many Canadians, when it comes to small appliance repair, you risk damaging an appliance further when you don’t call appliance repair professionals. Are you unsure if you need a wine cooler repair? Here are a few warning signs to watch for:

  • Your Wine Cooler Isn’t Cold – The primary function of your wine cooler is to keep your bottles of wine chilled at the right temperature. Wine coolers feature various cooling technologies, but most are thermoelectric or compressor-based. A wine cooler that isn’t doing its job could have an issue with its thermostat, compressor, condenser, or evaporator. One of our certified repair technicians will be able to assess the issue when you schedule a service call.
  • Your Unit Is Leaking Water – Similar to a leaky refrigerator, a leaky wine cooler could have a damaged door seal or something more significant, such as a clogged drain line. Either way, this is an issue we’d be happy to fix, so your reds and whites aren’t compromised.
  • Your Wine Cooler Is Buzzing – There are many internal components to your wine cooler that could be causing it to emit unusual noises when they need repair. From compressors to fans, these parts can be repaired or replaced easily by our small appliance repair specialists.
  • Your Unit Won’t Power On – If your wine cooler doesn’t stay on, you could have a tripped or faulty fuse somewhere, or it could be time for a unit replacement. Be sure to check the power cord for any signs of damage as well, as a frayed cord could also present a fire hazard.

Keep Your Reds and Whites at the Ideal Serving Temperature

Are you wondering why you would need a wine cooler to store your bottles of wine instead of storing them in a regular refrigerator? Wine coolers are designed to store your wines at the optimal serving temperature while keeping enough moisture trapped inside to prevent their corks from drying out. The cooling zones inside your fridge make it inefficient for storing bottles of wine with the rest of your food and drink. Red and white wines also require different storage temperatures. A single-zone wine cooler is made to store everything at the same temperature, while a dual-zone wine cooler has adjustable settings and divided storage compartments to store items at varying temperatures. Exposure to humidity and direct light can cause bottles of wine to age poorly, as any connoisseur will tell you.

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Wine coolers also vary in size, ranging from a unit meant to hold only a few bottles to a larger one capable of holding multiple cases of wine at a time. Appliance Doctor provides wine cooler repair to Calgary homeowners and businesses in the food, liquor, and hospitality industries. If you’re interested in purchasing a new wine cooler, we’re familiar with the most popular brands, including Bosch, Frigidaire, Subzero, Thermador, Westinghouse, and Whirlpool, to make recommendations.

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Do you need a wine cooler repair in the Calgary area? Chill and call Appliance Doctor for small appliance repairs and installations. We’ve also expanded our service area to include other parts of Alberta, as well as the Comox Valley and Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Don’t let a malfunctioning wine cooler ruin your spirits. Call us today!

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